Video Game Pattern Round Up

With the launch of the Xbox One X a few days ago, I have been enjoying my vacation from work and been gaming out all day!  I am actually going through some crochet withdrawal right now.  I think 3 days is the longest I have gone without yarn.


I might curl up with some yarn and a movie tonight though, I have so many ideas for the holidays, and no time to do them.

Well, here is the round up, I hope you enjoy!

1. Pokeball by WolfDreamer Off the Hook

2. Minecraft Creeper Hat by Toluver’s Creations

3. Baby Chocobo by Aphid777

4. Volus Amigurumi by ishouldgo

5. Pikachu Hat by Zlata Tomikj

6.  Ocarina by Stirling Peters

7. Mini Yoshi by Mary Smith

8.  Mega Man E-Tank Crochet Can Cozy Pattern by BunnieBard

9.  Companion Cube by Shaana Banaana

10. Minecraft Pig Hat by Betty’s Banter

11. Starry Night by Inner Child Crochet

Thank you for having a look at all these adorable and geeky patterns.  I know I will be making a few as gifts for my gamer friends and boyfriend for Christmas.

If there is a round up theme you would like me to do, leave a comment below.