My Weight Loss Journey – Sept 30 to Oct 6 2017

Another successful week!   I stayed within my calorie limit everyday, and we went for a walk most days.  I did some overtime at work, so no walk that day, since I was barely able to crawl home after 14 hours.

Here is a full shot of the blanket, being modeled my the handsome Mr. Simon.  I think he is about to pounce an unsuspecting dust bunny in the picture.

For the blanket I am using Red Heart Soft, in 4 colors.


  • teal for weight loss of 2 lbs or more
  • deep sea for weight loss of 0.5 lbs – 1.5 lbs
  • off white if my weight stays the same
  • charcoal if I gain weight

I started with Esme’s Winter Cottage by Dedri Uys, and continued to grow the square with the ATB CAL.

This week, since I lost 2 lbs, I completed round 41 of ATB CAL in Teal.

I am so happy I started to focus on myself again, and work towards a healthier version of myself.

Thanks to everyone for reading about my journey, and hope it inspires you!

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