My Weight Loss Journey – Oct 7 – 13, 2017

Week #3 since I have been back to tracking calories, and I have lost another 2 lbs, down a total of 12 lbs.

For the blanket I am using Red Heart Soft, in 4 colors.

  • teal for weight loss of 2 lbs or more
  • deep sea for weight loss of 0.5 lbs – 1.5 lbs
  • off white if my weight stays the same
  • charcoal if I gain weight


I started with Esme’s Winter Cottage by Dedri Uys, and continued to grow the square with the ATB CAL.

This week, since I lost 2 lbs, I completed round 42 of ATB CAL in Teal.

Next week is onto part 10, and some granny rounds.  I just love how this blanket changes, it keeps me from getting bored.

I had my cheat meal on Friday night, and the Baconator really wasn’t worth it.  I am thinking pizza for my cheat meal next week, or maybe a different burger.

If things keep up this way, I should be at my first goal of 219 lbs in about 5 weeks.  It will make for a very teal blanket though.  I may change my color sequence to add a little more variety for my rounds.

2 Replies to “My Weight Loss Journey – Oct 7 – 13, 2017”

  1. Hi Amanda, I ran across your post on Facebook. I started my own weight loss journey in April of this year when I went in for a welcome to medicare physical. My new doctor is a no nonsense kind of guy with some definte ideas about diet. But one thing, I was diagnosed as pre Diabetic so he started me on Metformin. He also told me to restrict the added sugar in my daily food to 24 grams per day. Then just eat sensible portions of healthy foods. No calorie counting, judt smart eating. If I wanted something sweet, I was to eat fruit in any portion I wanted. If I was hungry between meals, celery, carrots, cheese, jerky were best. After 3 months, I had lost 10 pounds and my blood sugar was down.
    My reasons for telling you this is that while some of my weight loss may be the Metformin and you may want to talk with your doctor, the restricted sugar lifestyle (32 grams for a man) actually works. It is really, really hard for the first couple of weeks but I am now down 20 pounds since April (and have 80 to go). Oh, the occasional cheat is ok on the lifestyle. If you want to talk with me about it, let me know.

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