In Bloom CAL – week 5

This gorgeous CAL by Mijo Crochet is too beautiful for words!  I started a little late, and I am still a few weeks behind, but I am enjoying the process!  I chose my own colorway out of my Scheepjes Catona stash, because shipping takes to long, even though I usually get my order within a week!  I just needed to start it right away, and I am so glad I did!


This week started off nice and easy with some linen stitch in my pink shades.  Then onto popcorns!  I absolutely adore they way they stack up on each other

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This week I used all the colors except color 4 – Jet Black, which is my background color.


1 – 201 – electric blue

2- 242 – metal grey

3-247 – bluebird

4 – 110 – Jet Black

5- 114 – Shocking Pink

6- 519 – Fresia

7- 246 – Icy Pink

I am following the original scheme for color placement, which can be found in the written pattern.

Round 35-36: Shocking Pink (5)

Round 37-38: Fresia (6)

Round 39-40: Icy Pink (7)

Round 41-42: bluebird (3)


Round 43: metal grey (2)

Round 44: electric blue (1)

Round 45: metal grey (2)

Thank you for reading, and I hope I inspired you to make your own In Bloom CAL!