In Bloom CAL – Week 2

Still working away to get caught up on the In Bloom CAL by Mijo Crochet!

This part was a lot more laid back, and fairly simple, but still beautiful!  This was my first time using a linen stitch, and I have so many amazing design ideas floating in my head!

You can see my progress and details from week 1 here.

I am using the recommended yarn, Scheepjes Catona, using my own colorway. My colors for week 2 are:

4 – 110 – Jet Black

5- 114 – Shocking Pink

6- 519 – Fresia

7- 246 – Icy Pink


For part 2, I follow the color sequence in the pattern, substituting my own color choices.

Rounds 10 – 17: jet black (4)

Rounds 19-20: shocking pink (5)

Rounds 21-22: fresia (6)


Rounds 23-24: icy pink (7)

And here she is again, all pinned up on the blocking mat.

I cannot wait for her to dry out, so I can get started on week 3 – it looks so complicated and intricate.  Here’s hoping I survive!

Thank you for reading about my journey with the CAL!  I hope I have inspired you to start your own In Bloom CAL.