Flosstube #9 – July 31st, 2018

Hey everyone!  Here is where I will post links and photos of everything from my flosstube video.  It seems much easier to do it this way, and I can show photos of what the links will lead to.

The video can be found here.

You can find me on instagram here.

You can add me on FB here.

My Xbox Live gamertag is samarin6

My battle.net friend code is Deralyn#1711

This list contains affiliate links that provide me with a small commission if you purchase your supplies from them.

Facebook Groups Mentioned

Stitchtalk: 100 days of haed challenge

Flosstube Mentions

Stitchin Mommy

WIPS – because that is all I have this week…

Epic Pokemon All Gens

No Smoking – Randal Spangler – Heaven and Earth Designs

Dark Force – Tilton Crafts (retired)

Haunted Mansion SAL – Tiny Modernist

I think that is it!  If I didn’t add a link, its because I could not find the product from a reliable source, or the pattern is one I designed myself and cannot be purchased.

If I missed anything, leave me a comment here, on the video or send me a msg on instagram, and I will give you all the details I can.

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