Aeryn’s Triangle Scarf

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Keep warm and cozy this winter with Aeryn’s Triangle Scarf.

The delicate and lacy triangle pattern works up quick, and before you know it, you have a gorgeous new accessory.

You can customize the length by making more (or less) triangles.  Each cake will make 5 triangles, but remember to save enough yarn for your border and fringe.


13″ (33 cm) wide, 72″ (180 cm) long, excluding fringe


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Abbreviations Used – US Crochet Terms

  • ch – chain
  • sl st – slip st
  • sk – skip
  • sc – single crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • tc – treble crochet
  • dc dec – double crochet decrease


To begin we will make 8 of Aeryn’s Triangle.  The full photo tutorial can be found here.


Once you have your 8 triangles made, arrange them in whatever color pattern suits you.

Join your triangles however you like, I used the zipper stitch, but you can just as easily whip stitch or slip stitch them together.


To zipper stitch, start with a slip knot and both triangles with right side facing you. Start in the ch 2 spaces, working from the top down through both spaces, make a sl st. Continue to sl st through the 2 center loops of the triangles, inserting your hook from the top down through the loops. Make sure to work loosely so your seams don’t bunch up.


Now that your triangles are joined we will start on the boarder.


Rnd 1: Join yarn in any stitch along the side, and sc in each st around. When you reach the point where 3 triangles meet, 2 hdc in the first ch 2 space, 4 dc in the central ch 2 space, and 2 hdc in the last ch 2 space. Continue with a sc in each st. When you reach the outside corner of a triangle, (2 sc, ch 2, 2 sc) in the ch 2 space. When you reach where 2 triangles join, 2 sc in each of the ch 2 spaces. When you reach the starting point, sl st to first sc. Cut yarn.

Rnd 2: Join yarn in either ch 2 space. Ch 1, 3 hdc in the ch 2 space, (hdc in next st, sl st in the next st) repeat until you reach the next corner. 3 hdc in the ch 2 space, (hdc in next st, sl st in the next st) repeat until you reach your starting point. Sl st to first hdc, cut yarn, weave in any ends.


Cut 90 pieces of yarn, 22” (56 cm) long. Add fringe to the corner, and in 7 stitches to either side. I added 3 strands at a time for a nice thick fringe.

To add fringe, insert your hook through the desired space from back to font. Fold your fringe yarn in half and loop it over your hook. Pull the loop through the scarf, and pull the fringe ends through the loops. Pull tight. Once they are all added, trim them evenly.