June 30 – July 6, 2017


Considering I ate nearly 6 lbs of Japanese BBQ and Sushi on Sunday, only gaining 0.5 lbs this week is pretty awesome!  I was expecting a big gain.  We have also decided that Japaneses BBQ is going to be a once or twice a year thing, it is amazing, but so much food!

I am on vacation this weekend, so the real challenge is going to be not to go out and buy snacks for the evening.  If I can make it to Monday without completely snacking out, I think I will have a good week.  When I am home alone is always the hardest to avoid the snacks.

I am using Red Heart Soft, in 4 colors for my blanket.


  • teal for weight loss of 2 lbs or more
  • deep sea for weight loss of 0.5 lbs – 1.5 lbs
  • off white if my weight stays the same (within 0.5 lbs)
  • charcoal if I gain weight

I am using a 5.5 mm (I/9) crochet hook.  Check out these gorgeous hooks with colored wooden handles from TooShayCrochet!

I started with Esme’s Winter Cottage by Dedri Uys, and continued to grow the square with the ATB CAL.


This week I completed row 36, in the 8th inning.  Since my weight stayed the same, I used off white.  Another very easy round, just sc around.  But next week there will be some pretty fans!  So excited to start working on them!

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