June 23-29, 2017


So, after a pretty uneventful week, I am happy with my results.  It was my birthday on Monday, so some degree of bad eating is expected.  We went out for cheeseburgers, and my boyfriend made me some sugar cookies that lasted 4 days.

But with all said and eaten, I was within my calorie limit 4 times (out of 7), and lost 1 lb.  I am down to 222 lbs, and just 1 more pound I will be at my lowest in years.


I am using Red Heart Soft, in 4 colors for my blanket.

  • teal for weight loss of 2 lbs or more
  • deep sea for weight loss of 0.5 lbs – 1.5 lbs
  • off white if my weight stays the same
  • charcoal if I gain weight

I started with Esme’s Winter Cottage by Dedri Uys, and continued to grow the square with the ATB CAL.

This week I completed row 35 (8th inning) of the ATB CAL in the color deep sea.  Another simple (hdc, ch 1, sk 1) round, but again, enjoyable.  In the last 4 weeks, I’ve managed to use each color once.  While it looks very pretty, I would like to see less charcoal and off white and more teal.

I am only 1 point away from 36 balls of yarn!  So my goal for the day is to earn that point by eating well, and continue the trend for the rest of the week.  Here’s hoping I can stay on track and add another teal round next.


The way my point system works is

  • I get 1 point for tracking everything I eat and staying under my calorie goal.
  • I get 1 point per pound lost on Friday morning (compared to the previous week) – partial pounds don’t count.
  • I loose points if I gain weight, to a maximum of the points earned that week.

Thank you for supporting me on this journey!

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