Getting Started with Mochila

In these posts you will find all the information you need to be able to crochet a proper mochila bag.

The bag shown in the photos above is an exclusive pattern from the crochet group on Facebook called, Mochila Bags Crochet.

Crochet Technique

Mochila bags are crocheted in continuous rounds with at least 3 carrying threads and 1 working thread.  This is similar to tapestry crochet, but we work in the back loop only. It improves the quality of the design and keeps your stitches stacked nicely on top of each other.

When starting your bag, you begin with a magic circle and work your first round into the ring. Continue crocheting around as per the pattern, and in round 2, add in 1 color every 5 stitches, working over the new colors. Once you have all your colors added in, gently pull on each color until the tails are hidden under the stitches.


Every 10 stitches or when you change colors gently pull on your carrying threads and then massage your stitches back into place. They should line up neatly on the previous row and have none of the carry threads showing through in the front.

How to read the written pattern.

Each color is assigned a letter in the materials section.

Numbers in the written pattern indicate how many stitches are done in the color. For example “5a” means 5 stitches in color A.

Lower case letter “i” indicates an increase. For example “ia”, means increase (2 stitches worked into the same stitch) with color A.

A lower case “i” followed by two different letters means an increase with a color change in the middle. For example iab – do one stitch in color A and one stitch in color B – worked into the same stitch.

How to change Colors

On the last stitch of color A, insert your hook into the stitch and pull up a loop. Now yarn over with color B and finish the stitch. Continue along with color B until you need to change colors again.


How to Start a New Ball of Yarn

Once you start to run out of a color (about 10” or so left), add in your new ball of the same color as a carrying thread. Work over the tail for about 10 stitches, and gently tug on it to hide the end of the yarn. Drop the old yarn, and work over the tail for at least 10 stitches, and trim it close to the bag. Continue to work as usual with the new ball.