Finishing Touches

In this post you will find some helpful information on how to add the finishing touches to your beautiful mochila bag.

The grey bag with diamonds shown in the photos above is an exclusive pattern from the crochet group on Facebook called, Mochila Bags Crochet.

The black bag with triangle shapes is a purchased pattern from LeafsCreations.

Button Holes

Button holes are done towards the top of the bag.  I prefer to do mine in the 4th or 5th row from the top.  To make a button hole, work 5 stitches over the carry threads and not into the stitches. Skip 5 stitches, and continue to crochet around as per the instructions.  


Once you have about 40 stitches left, cut one of your carry colors. Do 10 more stitches, and cut another color. Repeat for the final 2 carrying colors. Complete the round and slip stitch into the next stitch. Finish off your yarn and weave in any ends.


Crab Stitch Edging

Join your yarn in a stitch near where you ended your final round. When you do your crab stitch, skip 1 stitch in between stitches. This gives a nicer spacing to the ridges.

Finishing your strap

Regardless of how you choose to make your strap, cut the ends of your yarn tails evenly, about 3-4” (8-10 cm). You can either braid them together or twist the together. To do this take 2 strands and twist the in the same direction as they twist naturally. When they start to try to curl up on themselves, stop twisting, tie the ends together and let them twist backwards onto themselves. I use a fringe twister to make this process go faster.

Attaching your strap

Attach your strap to the outside of the bag, midway between two button holes. Line up the bottom of the strap with the button holes.


Using the same color as the body of your bag, stitch along the outside of the of the strap in a rectangle. Make sure to only stitch through the parts of your strap that are the same color, so you can’t see your stitches from the outside of the bag.

Repeat these steps on the other side.


To determine how long you want your drawstring, use a scrap of yarn and run it through your button holes. Tie it how you would like. Measure the length of the yarn strand.

For kumihimo, you will want to use yarn that is 3 times as long as you want your finished cord.  I use thread bobbins to keep my yarn from tangling while working on the cord.  Feel free to choose any design you like.

You can also braid a drawstring or use a leather strap, or anything you want, be creative! If you intend on adding tassels to your drawstring, make sure you have large knots on each end to secure your tassels to.

Be sure to weave your drawstring through your button holes before you put on your slide and tassels.

Drawstring Slide (Optional)

You can use a slide bead (16 mm oval shape) on your strap, or you can crochet one. If you choose to crochet one, you can work through both loops for this part.

With any colour yarn you have left

start with a slip knot, ch 7

row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, and each ch across (6 sc)

row 2: ch 1, turn, sc in each st across

repeat row 2 until your piece is long enough to wrap around both ends of the cord. Slip stitch the 2 edges together.

Join any color yarn along the top edge and sc around evenly. Repeat on the bottom edge. Weave in any ends and place your slide on the drawstring.


For your tassels you will need 100 strands of yarn (50 per tassel), 7” (17 cm) long. To make this quicker, place two pins in a foam board and wrap your yarn around the pins. You could also use a piece of cardboard or a book the appropriate size to wrap your yarn around.


Divide your strings into 4 equal piles. Place 1 pile under the knot at the end of your drawstring.  Place another pile on top of the knot.  Tie your tassel strings to the drawstring above the knot.  Fold the top strings down and place another tie to hold them in place.  Hide the ends of the tie in the tassel.

Repeat on the other end.

Trim your tassel evenly, and you are done!