Dragon Scale Stitch Tutorial

This photo tutorial will bring you through the steps needed to master the dragon scale/crocodile scale stitch.

This stitch can be applied to almost anything, a blanket, shawl, hat, gloves, boots, or anything else you can think of.


For this stitch, every odd number row will be a sequence of double crochets and chains that the scales attach to (shown in blue). The even rows will be working the scales onto the double crochet stitches (shown in red).

You must start with a base chain (or edge) in multiples of 4, each set of 4 will give you 1 scale.

In the example I will use a chain of 20, which will give me 5 scales. Make sure your foundation chain is very loose, so the bottom of your scales won’t turn in.

ROW 1: chain 4 more. This will count as our first dc and ch 1, then we will place 2 dc in the 6th ch from the hook.

We will start a repeat sequence now. Ch 1, skip 1 ch, dc in next ch, ch 1, skip 1 ch and 2 dc in next ch. Repeat until the end of your chain, you should end with a single dc in the last chain.

ROW 2: Turn your work. We will start by working 5 fpdc in the first dc of the first dc pair from the hook. Start with your first fpdc at the top of the post, and we will work our way down for 5 stitches total. Insert your hook from right to left around the post, and dc as normal. This dc will appear to be at a 90 degree angle from the post you worked around.

Once you have all 5 done, they will start to curl a bit, that is normal.

Ch 1, and we will start working up the other side.


I like to flip my work upside down for this part of the scale, so that i am working right to left. We will repeat what we did to the first post, placing 5 fpdc around this dc as well.

Flip your work right side up, and sl st into the top of the single dc. You may have to fold your scale back to see the stitch.

Now we just repeat the scale stitch around every pair of dc stitches until we reach the end. Don’t forget to sl st into the single dc between each stitch. At the end of the row, it should look like this.

ROW 3: Now we will work another dc and ch row, but we have to stagger them so our scales overlap nicely. When there is 1 dc in the previous row, we will work 2 dc, and when there are 2 dc, we will work one dc.

Turn your work, ch 3 (counts as a dc), and dc in the same stitch.

Ch 1 and skip one ch and 1 dc, dc into the second dc of the dc pain from row 1.


Ch 1, skip 1 chain, and 2 dc in the single dc from row 1. This is where you sl st in row 2.

Continue repeating this until the end, ending with 2 dc in the final stitch.

Row 4: We will be working our scale stitch again for this row.

Ch 2, this gives our first scale room to move our from the base dc we are starting from. Make your 5 fpdc stitches, ch 1 and 5 fpdc stitches like earlier. Sl st to the top of the single dc.

Continue with your scale stitches to the end.


At the end of the row, ch 2, and sl st into the top of the last dc from row 3. Turn your work, and repeat rows 1-4 as desired.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you! If you have any questions, comments or concern, please contact me and I will do everything I can to help you.